How I Came Out Of The Closet And Became A Vegetarian

I didn’t just decide one day that I would jump on the bandwagon and be a vegetarian because it is becoming more popular. Nor did I do it because I think it is inhumane or immoral to kill animals in order for me to eat (although if I really think about it, It probably is, but that is a whole other article).

The truth is, that the vegetarian lifestyle chose me. As far back as I can remember, it has been difficult for me to eat meat. I would usually put very little meat on my plate and then eat it in a hurry, so that I could enjoy the rest of my meal. Meat was easier to get down when it was mixed with rice or in a casserole. The bottom life was that it was a chore to eat any kind of meat. I recall that my mother did not enjoy meat and now I found out one of my sisters never eats meat. It is a strange phenomenon. How can I explain it? I guess my body chooses to be a vegetarian. Just like I love the color purple and I am an introvert, being who I am is just that – being me. In comparing this choice with someone who chooses a different sexual preference in mid-life, my choice is much the same, but it is who I am. Society may think I am odd or my family and friends may not understand, but the relief of never having to eat meat again outweighs all of these doubts and fears. I am free now to enjoy food and eat the way my body wants me to eat. This is not in any way criticizing or judging non-vegetarians because everyone should eat what they want and be who they are.

Myths About Being A Vegetarian

In thinking about becoming/being a vegetarian, there seems to be many myths about this subject, but my own opinion is that these 3 myths would probably be the most common.

Myth #1: Vegetarians do not get enough protein, calcium or other nutrients and vitamins that are needed. This could actually be true with some vegetarians. If a vegetarian were just eating chips and carbohydrates then he/she naturally would not get enough nutrients to be healthy. It is true also of those who eat meat. It is a personal responsibility to research and find healthy food and not eat too much processed or empty-calorie food.

Myth 2: All vegetarians are animal-rights activists or weird. I am a living example of that not being true. There are many reasons besides being an animal rights activist that people choose not to eat meat. It could be for health reasons or even for economic reasons. We all know that meat is very expensive.

Myth 3: Vegetarians are always weak and sickly. This cannot be true because, according to, many strong sports figures are vegetarians. Just a few off the long list are: ·

.Hank Aaron (home run champion in major league baseball) Source: A Teen’s Guide to Going Vegetarian • B J Armstrong (US Basketball star)

• Al Beckles (body builder)

• Sorya Bonali (ice skater)

If a vegetarian eats correctly, he/she will most likely be healthier than those who eat meat. Medical studies have shown that vegetarians are less likely to suffer from heart disease, cancer, diet-related diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure, so a vegetarian diet is very good for your health.

Experience True Joy And Freedom When You Proclaim Who You Are

This article is all about being me, as I continue to evolve. If you are not truly being who you really are, I challenge you to do so.

Here are a couple of inspiring quotes:

Every time you don’t follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual deadness. ~Shakti Gawain

If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me otherwise. ~Johann von Goethe

6 thoughts on “How I Came Out Of The Closet And Became A Vegetarian

  1. Good for you, Fran, for following your heart on this and putting things in perspective. I think you’re one of the sanest people I know, by the way! It’s nice to see examples of successful athletes who are vegetarian.

    On a completely different tack, are you earning with Google ads on your blog? Last time I inquired, WordPress wouldn’t allow ads of any kind.

    • Jen, thanks for stopping by. The best part is that you think I am “sane!”

      In answer to your question, I have not even tried to put google ads on this blog. I am very technically-handicapped in that area. However, I am writing for (one of Bruce’s sites) and as of yesterday have signed up with him (to put google ads on my articles). I haven’t the faintest idea how it works, but I will let you know as soon as I hear from him.

      I would love it if you could visit me on I am the sole author right now because it is so new. Would you like to join me there and write for that site? It is about myths and legends. I would love it if you would do that!. We could be pioneers for a brand new site! Bruce has stated that he thinks SW is not specific enough for what google wants. Hence, these sites have been created by him and are on specific subjects. Also, if you write for questionables, it goes on SW, automatically. Don’t know how that will work in the future. I am excited about it and also other things that I am thinking about. Maybe soon we could talk via Skype and cheer each other on.

      I think you are multi-talented and I am cheering you on! I haven’t been good with comments on SW lately because I have been discouraged. Sorry about that – I will try to do better. However, I am in a better state of mind now and will try to stay that way!

      • I thought you were feeling discouraged, Fran. I guess Google’s big faux pas affected all of us. I’m glad you’re feeling better now. I still feel very loyal to SearchWarp, it just feels like my home. But, as you’ve probably realized by now, I had a look at, I think it’s a great idea. I’ll register and join you there. I got a webcam yesterday, and am connected to skype now, so I’d love to chat. Will you be there on Wednesday?

      • Jen, I am excited and “over the moon” because you will be joining me on “questionables.”!!!! I am sure you have figured this out, but on the control panel at questionables, you could click on “ads” and sign up for google ads to be put on your articles.

        Can’t wait to see your first article!

        I will be home Wed after 12:00p.m (my time)., so skype me…tell me what time…I am not familiar with your time, so what is convenient for you?…

  2. Can you let me know what your time zone is? Mine is SAST. I think I’m about 7 hours ahead of you, depending on whether you’ve got daylight savings, which always confuses me! But I think 12 pm your time would be about 7 pm mine. Are you going to join Bruce’s group for lunch, should we chat then, for starters?

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