America Lost But Not Forgotten

She thought it best to let Maxim and Lily sleep a few extra minutes before exposing them to the hot Florida sun.  She could hardly bear to think of the hours ahead.  She would be prodding them to pick the last of the collard greens and set out some pumpkin seeds that she had dried.  The collard greens were a little sweeter and more flavorful, as they had been kissed by the winter frost.  Thankfully, she remembered collard greens are loaded with vitamins and iron and she lifted up a silent prayer of thanks that Lily and Maxim seemed healthy.

She looked at Lily and thought how peaceful she seemed, as she was sleeping. Her name seemed to fit her soft features and pale skin that was framed with hair that was an array of brown and auburn mixtures, just like the splendor of fall leaves.  Taunts from classmates of “there is Lily – Lily White…Lily White, she won’t fight, she won’t fight” would not be forgotten by this sweet innocent child, she thought, as she stroked her hair and pushed back a curl that was in her eye.

She picked up her slightly wrinkled paper that she had found in a dumpster just two nights ago.  She picked up the last pencil that she owned and began to write.

March 19th (I think)

I am thankful today that I am a healthy grandmother.  Although, I never expected to outlive my children, God has given me strength and health to take care of them.

How do I explain why their parents were killed in a senseless street riot while they were shopping for food?  It happened so fast that it seems like a nightmare now.  She felt her throat tighten and burn and wiped away the unwanted tear that was trickling down her face.

I never thought that just the task of grocery shopping would be a dangerous experience, nor did Marcy and Jeff.  They had no way of protecting themselves, since the only people allowed to have guns were the “operators.”  These people who were appointed by the temporary president were told to gun down anyone who had been caught reading the Bible.  How would they have known that their home was under surveillance via the Internet?  Everything was changing so quickly that no one could keep up with the rules. The latest rule is that we are supposed to be able to be on the Internet from 5:00 p m. until 6:00 p.m.  Marcy and Jeff had been on the Internet the eve that they were killed.  They were searching for web sites that contained Bible scriptures.  Their Bible had been taken away and burned, along with thousands of others. Jeff knew that they were being monitored but since he was so computer savvy, he thought he could accomplish this by using special codes.

She wiped another tear and wished the burning in her throat would go away.

Thank God for helping us find this abandoned house.  After social security checks stopped and she had gone through all her savings, she found this house one day on a long walk through the woods.

Dear Diary, I am making this into a prayer of thankfulness. “Thank you Lord for a roof over our heads and our wonderful garden and also for the frost this past winter that made our collard greens so flavorful and sweet. Thanks, also for the pumpkin seeds that I was prompted by you to save and now we are going to plant them today! You are so good to us!  The creek that is just a few yards from the house is amazing!

I know, Lord, that so far, we are being spared for a reason.  I haven’t forgotten that reason.  As Bibles are being destroyed, I am writing down every Bible verse that I can remember and hiding it faithfully, every night.  Please keep us safe and undiscovered in this wonderful shack until I can think what to do.

Please comfort those who are being tortured and shot.  May they feel no fear, but only peace, as they leave their physical body.  Please help other believers to find a safe hiding place. Image

“Grandma, come quick!”  Maxim’s flushed face also revealed a terror and knowing.

(To be continued)

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